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Equipment Servicing

Manufacturer's guidelines generally recommend that regulators, BCDs etc. are serviced every year... (so when exactly did you last get your scuba gear serviced?!).

If equipment isn't maintained properly then obviously problems can arise:

  • salt water can cause corrosion,
  • a build up of sand, gravel or salt crystals can result in free flowing regs or faulty dump valves,
  • o-rings and other seals stretch or become brittle over time,
  • moving parts wear after repeated use,
  • batteries need replacing,
  • things just don't work quite as reliably as they should...

Extreme Marine has over 22 years' experience as an authorised service centre for many of the largest scuba equipment manufacturers in the world, including Sherwood, Beuchat, Mares, Atomic, Oceanic, Cressi-sub, Suunto, Apeks,Seac-Sub, Aqua-lung, Sea & Sea, Typhoon, Citizen and Sea Doo. We carry out servicing and repair work in our own on-site workshop, using only the manufacturers' genuine parts and approved service kits.

A selection of the services available is listed below:

  • Regulators
    We service all makes of regulator, mainly on site, and most we are able to turn round within a week or less.
  • Cylinder testing
    Cylinder testing is no problem, again with a one week turnaround. these are collected on Saturday mornings and returned to us the following Saturday. Oxygen cleaning of cylinders and regulators is also available, again usually within the week.
  • Dry suit wrist and neck seals
    Some can be replaced in house, the others are sent off for the work required
  • Buoyancy Control Device (BCD) servicing
    BCD servicing is available for most makes of jacket - usually done within the week.
  • Computer batteries
    Computer battery replacement and servicing (with pressure chamber testing also available) is done on-site, with next day collection wherever possible.
  • Watch batteries
    Watch battery replacement and pressure test facilities for  most  leading makes of dive watches can also be done on-site, again with next day collection time permitting.
  • Spares and Accessories
    We stock a wide range of spares - mask straps, fin straps etc. If you need anything, just ask. Even if we don't have it in stock, we'll always do our best to help! 

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